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4 Reasons You Have High Winter Electricity Bills

When the weather dips to extreme temperatures, our habits change in order to stay warm and safe. These changes, however, do affect our electricity usage. So, it may surprise you to see a higher bill than normal. There are reasons why your electricity bill increases and steps you can take to minimize a higher bill.

1. You Have Your Heating System on Most of the Time

When cold weather arrives, you’ll probably need to turn on your heating system to keep you warm. Although most heating systems use gas, they also use electricity. Thus, having them run for hours on end can take a toll on your utility bills.

To prevent a sharp increase in your bill, put your thermostat on a schedule. If you lower it at certain times of the day or when you’re away from home, you won’t be using as much energy or as much electricity. Programming your thermostat consistently throughout the winter can help reduce your energy bills.

2. Your Water Heater Is Working Harder

If your water heater is stored in the garage, in the basement, or in an area that doesn’t get heated over the winter, there will be some heat loss around it. The colder air surrounding your water heater causes heat to escape from the tank. This loss of heat means that your water heater must work harder and longer to keep the water in the tank hot. And when your water heater operates for longer, it’s continuously using electricity in order to maintain the hot water levels and ignite the pilot.

To help reduce the pressure on your water heater, you can lower the thermostat on your water heater. You can also reduce heat loss by wrapping an insulation blanket around it.

3. You May Be Using Space Heaters and Electric Blankets

If you’re still cold even with a furnace warming your house, you may have a space heater next to you during the day and an electric blanket with you at night. Both of these use electricity. If they’re constantly running, you’ll see a rise in your electricity bill.

To reduce the number of times you use your space heater, drink more hot liquids throughout the day to keep warm. You may also want to add an extra layer of clothing. Instead of an electric blanket, use a hot water bottle to keep you warm at night.

4. You Spend More Time at Home

Finally, when the weather gets chilly, people tend to stay indoors for longer periods. This means they’ll be using the TV and their computers more. The lights will also see more use.

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