Electrical Panel Repair And Replacement In Camarillo, CA

 When you’re looking for high-quality, professional electrical panel service in Camarillo, CA, look no further than Economy Lighting and Electric. We never waste your time as we offer upfront pricing and hassle-free scheduling. We want to be the only plumbing and electrical company you think of in Camarillo, CA. We understand that plumbing and electrical issues not only threaten your home’s comfort but also the safety of you and your family.

The hazards that electrical and plumbing issues present are exactly why you need a professional team like Economy Lighting and Electric at your beck and call. We send the best technician for the job at a time that works for your needs. Not only that, but we also keep you updated and call you 30 minutes before our team member arrives. They will then do a thorough evaluation and provide upfront pricing for your issues. Our fully-stocked vans mean that we solve your problem that day.

Information On Electrical Panel In Camarillo, CA

Electrical panels are metal boxes built into a wall in your home. These boxes are normally in a place that’s out of the way and have a door protecting your home’s breaker switches. When you toggle these switches, you cut power to a specific outlet or even a specific room. These switches will also automatically shut off when too much electrical current runs through them. It’s important to ensure that your breakers are properly labeled so you know which ones go where.

It would be rather confusing to see a label for an ice maker when you don’t even have an ice maker, but it’s even more confusing when it controls something that’s now in the bathroom. Whenever you do home renovations or even minor changes to your home, it’s important to keep up with labels. If you don’t, you’ll likely end up in a situation where you need to know which breaker to turn off and back on and have no idea which one it is.

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Signs Of Panel Issues

As a homeowner, it’s important to know how to take care of your home. In this instance, it’s important to know when you need an electrical panel installation in Camarillo, CA. The most obvious sign that you need your electrical panel replaced is when it’s over 25 years old. While it might last a few more years or even another decade, it’s important to schedule an electrical inspection from Economy Lighting and Electric to ensure everything is in good working order.

Other signs of panel issues include tripping breakers when they shouldn’t be tripping and flickering lights. Another sign of a panel issue includes higher energy bills when there’s no reason for higher bills, ruling out issues with your HVAC system.

Benefits Of Electrical Panel Replacement In Camarillo, CA

There are several benefits of having a professional electrician replace your home’s electrical panel. Issues with your electrical panel don’t have to be obvious. Sometimes, all you have are flickering lights, but other times, you may notice unusual sounds or smoke coming from your outlets or a burning smell in general. Unlike your regular appliances, which stop working, electrical panels slowly decline over a period of months or even years before they finally quit on you.

When you upgrade your electrical panel, you can expect better overall performance and lower energy usage. When your electrical panel is declining, your appliances and other items that require electricity use more energy to function properly. The newer panel also allows you to increase the number of outlets in your home.

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When you’re looking for hassle-free, award-winning service for all your electrical panel and replacement needs, then look no further than Economy Lighting and Electric. We made it a mission of ours to go above and beyond when servicing your electrical needs. Not only do our experienced professionals hold themselves to high standards, but we also ensure complete satisfaction with every job.

To provide all our customers with the quality service they deserve, our team undergoes ongoing education to keep on top of the ever-changing code requirements, techniques, and methods. We also hold in-house training on topics such as safety in the workplace and on the job site and equipment safety. When you need electrical or plumbing work, contact Economy Lighting and Electric at (805) 427-8388.

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Nina K.
Nina K.
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Lisa, Todd and the team are very responsive and professional. Vance & Jacob removed an old microwave and helped source electricity to a new location in the kitchen. They accommodated appointments so it would flow with the rest of the kitchen renovations. Five star service all around.
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Lizeth L.
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Had ceiling fan issue and called Economy in the morning and they were at my place by noon. Great service, friendly and professional staff and reasonable pricing. Will definitely use them again!