EV Charger Installation In Camarillo, CA

Making the transition from a gas-guzzling traditional vehicle to a more economically and environmentally friendly electric vehicle is a decision that millions of people have made in the last few years. Years ago, when Economy Lighting and Electric was founded, we committed to finding a way to always meet the needs of our customers. Today, those needs include electrical vehicle charger installation in Camarillo, CA. When you trust Economy Lighting and Electric with all of your electrical needs, you’re choosing to work with one of the best electrical companies in Camarillo, CA and the surrounding areas. Our team of professionally licensed electricians is completely committed to your satisfaction, and we guarantee our work and operate under an upfront and honest pricing policy.

Understanding EV Chargers

Years ago, electric vehicles seemed like something you would only see on cartoons like “The Jetsons.” However, they are a very real option that allows people to save money and help improve the environment around them. It’s important to note that you will need a quality charging option at your home to keep your vehicle operating the way you need it to every day. 

When you purchase your electric vehicle, you will receive a Level 1 charger that is standard with all electric vehicles. This charger can plug into any standard 120V plugin in your home. While it may sound tempting to consider just using this standard baseline EV charger, it’s only a good idea if you plan on only driving your vehicle a short distance. Since they are less powerful, not only do Level 1 chargers take longer to charge your vehicle, but they also don’t provide much distance. Generally, Level 1 chargers are only recommended for drivers who plan on driving less than 40 miles per day.

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Level 2 chargers are considered the standard for most EV owners in the United States. While a Level 2 charger will require you to both purchase a new charger and make an upgrade to your home’s electrical system, they do provide a faster charge and longer driving time. Level 2 chargers require the installation of a 240V plugin, which we will gladly handle for you. This boost in charging abilities not only charges your vehicle faster but can also result in up to 200 miles of driving distance on a single charge.

Level 3 chargers exist but are rarely installed at an EV owner’s home. Instead, these gas-pump-sized chargers are the ones that you see at designated charging stations at some gas stations and businesses as well as along the side of the road in some cities. 

How The Installation Process Works

Since most of our customers prefer a Level 2 charger, we will focus on explaining how the Level 2 electrical vehicle charger installation in Camarillo, CA process works. First, our electrician will make the necessary alterations to your electrical panel to ensure that it’s ready to take on another 240V of power. Major appliances such as dryers rely on a 240V plugin, so you probably already have one in your home. 

Once your electrical panel is prepared to take on this extra power, the easiest part of the process begins. We will work with you to choose where you want to charge your vehicle and install the new plugin. This can be in your garage, on the outside of your home where you park, or anywhere on your property that you choose. When we’re done, you’ll be able to charge your electric vehicle at your leisure.

Modern Solutions To Modern Needs

Economy Lighting and Electric has always been committed to meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers. Today, those needs include the ability to charge an electric vehicle. When you choose Economy Lighting and Electric for all of your electrical needs, you can rest assured that you’re receiving professional service from an electrician who has access to the best training and the best tools and operates under the best customer service commitment in the industry.

If you need an EV charger installation in Camarillo, CA, or any other type of electrical work performed, choose Economy Lighting and Electric. Call us today at (805) 427-8388, and find out how we can meet your electrical needs.

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Nina K.
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Lisa, Todd and the team are very responsive and professional. Vance & Jacob removed an old microwave and helped source electricity to a new location in the kitchen. They accommodated appointments so it would flow with the rest of the kitchen renovations. Five star service all around.
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