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Economy Lighting and Electric, a locally owned and operated electrical company, has been meeting the needs of residents in and around Camarillo, CA for years. Over the course of our company’s history, we’ve consistently provided every type of electrical service that our clients tell us they need. All of our work comes standard with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning you never have to wonder about paying more if something doesn’t work correctly the first time. Additionally, our commitment to honest, transparent pricing ensures that there are no hidden fees on the back end of the transaction. We’re committed to keeping your home running safely and efficiently and offer services designed to make that happen. One such example of those services is surge protector installation in Camarillo, CA.

Why Surge Protection In Camarillo, CA Matters

Unfortunately, there is no way to plan for a power surge. Instead, you’re simply forced to address the consequences of these surges, regardless of how expensive and inconvenient they can be. While we will address the causes of power surges in a moment, we should first look at the damage that they can cause. When power surges occur, they can do serious damage to electrical appliances and the plugins in your home. When too much power surges into a plugin where an appliance is hooked up, it can actually destroy the inner components of the appliance. When a power surge strikes, you can be forced to replace these appliances, which is often an expensive proposition.

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What Causes Power Surges?

There are a variety of things that can cause power surges, making the need for surge protection in Camarillo, CA even greater. When you understand what can cause a power surge, you may better appreciate the need for surge protection.

Electrical storms: When most people hear about power surges, they automatically think about electrical storms. Yes, this is one of the most common causes. When lightning strikes, it is naturally drawn to conductors of electricity. Unfortunately, the electrical outlets in your home provide that. When a surge of power from an electrical storm meets a plugin that you have your washer, dryer, refrigerator, or other electrical appliance plugged into, a power surge is a likely occurrence.

Bad wiring: Depending on the age of your home, the wiring inside may not be in the best condition. Over time, wiring, just like anything else, experiences wear and tear and can struggle to keep up. When wiring is damaged, the chance for a power surge increases greatly. Additionally, small pests or rodents can make their way into the walls of your home and damage wiring. Bad wiring can result in a power surge when you turn on an appliance, leaving that appliance seriously damaged, if not ruined.

Overloaded outlets: Do you have an outlet in your home that has multiple appliances and devices plugged into it? If so, you may have the recipe for a power surge right in front of you. Outlets are designed to handle a certain amount of voltage. If you have too many items plugged into these outlets, they simply can’t keep up with the demand and will often overcompensate when one of those devices or appliances is turned on.

What Is Whole-Home Surge Protection?

The power strips that you can purchase at any big-box retailer are labeled as surge protectors. While they can provide some relief from power surges, they are hardly capable of handling massive power surges. Whole-home surge protectors work as a filter. These protectors, which can be installed in a matter of hours, ensure that only safe amounts of electricity make it into your home. Our electricians can install the protector in your circuit box, ensuring that power surges are caught before they can damage your home.

Simply The Best

Our team of electricians is dedicated to ensuring that your home is protected from the many issues that can afflict your electrical system. When you choose Economy Lighting and Electric, you’re choosing a company that has built a reputation for quality work at affordable pricing. Call us today at (805) 427-8388 to find out more about whole-home surge protection and the rest of our electrical services.

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Nina K.
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Lisa, Todd and the team are very responsive and professional. Vance & Jacob removed an old microwave and helped source electricity to a new location in the kitchen. They accommodated appointments so it would flow with the rest of the kitchen renovations. Five star service all around.
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Had ceiling fan issue and called Economy in the morning and they were at my place by noon. Great service, friendly and professional staff and reasonable pricing. Will definitely use them again!