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5 Ways to Save Power at Home

High electric bills can fill you with so much dread that you don’t want to open your monthly bill. When you look for tips for conserving power, you’ll find suggestions such as turning off lights when you’re not in the room and charging your devices at work. While those tips may help, they usually don’t result in much savings, if any. With the following top five ways to save power at home, you will find ways to reduce the power you use and save on your energy bills.

1. Install Ceiling Fans

Adding ceiling fans can help you save money during the colder and warmer seasons. While Camarillo is often warm, you may experience a few cold snaps. When the weather is hot, use the fans to circulate air around the room to keep you cool without reaching for the AC. Once the temperature drops, adjust the blade rotation. This allows the fans to push warm air down to keep you comfortable without requiring heaters.

2. Use Motion Lights

Do you have family members who often walk through the house and turn lights on but forget to turn them back off? Motion-activated lights come in handy. While they come on when they detect any type of motion, the lights shut off when there is no motion for a specific period. You can also install the lights outside to make sure that you can see when you come home at night without wasting power.

3. Choose Smart Plugs

An easy way to save power at home is with a smart plug. These plugs look like ordinary power strips that allow you to power multiple devices but use smart technology. With an app that you download, you can turn the plug on and off to save power when you’re in a different room of the house and when you’re gone for the day. Smart plugs come in various sizes for single items or multiple devices, too.

4. Replace Your Thermostat

Changing your thermostat is another smart way to save power. Programmable thermostats are easy to use and keep you from wasting power when you’re not home. They use an app that allows you to program different features. You might set the temperature to a specific degree when no one is home and allow the thermostat to hit a higher temperature right before you get home.

5. Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

You may find that upgrading your electrical panel helps you save power. Old panels often cannot keep up with the demands of modern homes. They are not strong enough to run heavy appliances and may result in higher bills.

Conserve Power in Camarillo

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