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6 Benefits of LED Lights

LED (light-emitting diodes) lights are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of lighting among many consumers in Camarillo. Here are six benefits of using LED lights instead of other types of lighting.

1. Long-Lasting

LED lights usually last longer than other lighting types. A high-quality LED light can last roughly seven years of regular use before needing a replacement. On the other hand, incandescent light bulbs last less than a year on average. As a result, LED lights can significantly lower your maintenance and replacement costs.

2. Energy Efficiency

LED lights consume up to 75% less electricity than incandescent light bulbs. As a result, they can reduce your electricity costs substantially, especially if you leave your lights on for long periods.

3. Limited Heat Emission

Incandescent light bulbs can get pretty hot. If you’ve ever tried to replace one right after it blows out, you can attest to this. Traditional lighting types like incandescent bulbs convert roughly 90% of the energy used to power them into heat and allocate only 10% of energy for lighting. Conversely, LED lights produce almost no heat. This makes LED lights generally safer than other lighting types since they reduce the risk of potential dangers like burns and fires.

4. Operate Well in Cold Conditions

While Camarillo is often warm, it can occasionally get chilly. Traditional lighting sources don’t function well when it’s cold. At extremely low temperatures, traditional lighting sources require a higher voltage to start. Plus, the intensity of their light lessens. In comparison, LED lights perform well even in frigid conditions. This makes LED lights an ideal lighting source for places like cold storage warehouses, low-temperature food processing plants, and freezer rooms. It also makes LED lights better suited for outdoor spaces like parking lots and building perimeters.

5. Durability

Traditional lighting sources usually contain filaments or glass enclosures, making them prone to damage. In contrast, LEDs usually don’t use any glass. Instead, they are made from sturdy semiconductor material, which isn’t vulnerable to damage.

6. Directional Lighting

LED lights emit light in a specific direction, while other lighting types emit light in all directions. As a result, LEDs eliminate the need for accessories like reflectors to reflect or redirect light. This feature makes LEDs better suited for task lighting and recessed lighting.

Ultimately, LEDs are more cost-effective than traditional lighting. If you are looking for more information on LEDs or are considering switching to LEDs, reach out to us at Economy Lighting and Electric today. We serve residential and commercial property owners in Camarillo, CA and surrounding areas.

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