Get Ready to Face Wintertime Electrical Issues

In winter, you’re going to be using more electricity than in the summer. Since it gets dark earlier, the lights will stay on later, and the furnace will run day and night. Do what you can to winterize your electrical system before accidents happen.

Stock Up on Supplies

Lights will be on longer, raising the chance that light bulbs may burn out. Keep a good assortment of the different light bulbs you use at home close in your supply closet. No one wants to run to the store in the middle of a storm because the bulbs burned out. And just in case the power does go out, keep a supply of flashlights and batteries on hand.

Check the Space Heaters

If you must use space heaters, take proper precautions. Inspect the heater for any loose parts or frayed wires. Check the cord for cracks. If your space heater is out of date, discard it even if it seems to work well. Buying a new space heater will be more economical and safer for your household.

Holiday Electricity Usage

Moving into the holidays, we add even more electrical load on our systems with outside lighting displays and indoor tree lights. Some holiday displays are quite elaborate. While a string of lights doesn’t cost much to plug in, multiple strings can add lots of dollars to your energy bill and place additional strain on your home’s electrical system. Be very careful when using extension cords in your holiday displays, especially multiple extension cords. Consider purchasing a heavy-duty cord.

Be Careful With Static Electricity

Static electricity is not just annoying, but it can also be dangerous under certain conditions. Static electricity is prevalent during the winter months. Flammable liquids or any kind of unmonitored electrical current can speed up the shocks produced by static electricity.

Watch Out for Flickering Lights and Tripped Breakers

If your lights are flickering and your breakers are tripping more than usual, these are signs that the electrical panel is overloaded. In this case, turn off unnecessary appliances and lights to relieve the strain on the panel. Overloaded panels can catch on fire, putting your home and family at risk. Inspect your holiday lights and displays, space heaters, electric blankets, and any electrical item used seasonally. If the item has been in use for over five years, we recommend that you replace it.

Be Prepared!

Before the freezing temperatures hit, prepare your home for a safe and enjoyable winter by scheduling an inspection of your electrical panel and your home with our convenient online form. Contact Economy Lighting and Electric in Camarillo, CA, today for any electrical need in your home or business.

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