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Why Regular Electrical Inspections and Maintenance Are Important

Over time, electrical systems can deteriorate. This makes them unsafe and, at times, dangerous. If you have an old home with dated wiring, consider having an electrical inspection. Regular maintenance is important for the safety of your home or business. Here are some reasons why.

Prevent Fires

One of the main reasons to maintain your electrical systems is to prevent an electrical fire due to faulty wiring. Years of wear and tear, exposure to the elements, or other reasons can cause wiring to deteriorate.

When this happens, the insulation surrounding the wires starts to peel off, creating the potential for sparks. These sparks can ignite nearby flammable materials. If you schedule regular maintenance services, however, an electrician can point out which wires should be replaced and when.

Electrical fires are also caused by overloaded circuits. When you connect too many devices to a power strip, the wiring could overheat. If the wires are on flammable material, a fire could easily start. A professional electrician can inspect your home and let you know if you are overloading your circuits.

Try to get rid of old or outdated equipment, as these could also cause electrical fires. Old equipment tends to overheat more as it becomes less efficient. A licensed electrician can help you identify any equipment that you need to replace before it becomes a safety hazard.

Prevent Electrical Accidents

Electrical accidents, such as shocks or electrocution, can be fatal. If you have your electrical system maintained and updated frequently, you can prevent these kinds of accidents.

If you have any damaged electrical equipment such as frayed wires, you may be putting household members at grave risk. If your child happens to put a frayed wire in her mouth, she could be electrocuted. Frayed wires may go unnoticed by you, but their bright colors can attract children and pets.

Proper grounding is another detail to think about. Grounding provides a safe path for electricity to flow into the ground. When grounding systems are installed well and function correctly, they can prevent electrical shocks. On the other hand, if your electrical system isn’t grounded well, someone who lives with you could be injured.

Keep Your Home in Compliance With Safety Codes

Besides keeping your family safe, electrical inspections can also keep your electrical system up to code. All electrical systems must follow specific safety and building codes, and a licensed electrician can make sure your home is compliant.

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