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Critical Warning Signs for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your home’s electrical panel is crucial in distributing electrical power throughout your property. Electrical panels last from 30 to 50 years on average, but they can start to exhibit certain indications that mean you need to upgrade or replace them. Knowing the warning signs ensures your home and family have reliable, safe electrical power. The following indications are symptoms that your panel may need an upgrade.

Circuit Breakers That Frequently Trip

If you find yourself making frequent trips to your electrical box to reset circuit breakers, this can mean that your electrical panel is overloaded. The electricity demand has increased in homes and businesses over the years, and older electrical panels were not designed to handle the heavier load.

Upgrading to a higher-capacity panel that can accommodate your home’s electrical needs will prevent frequent tripping and provide uninterrupted electrical power and a smoothly operating electrical system.

Not Enough Outlets

Before the days of multiple electronic gadgets and appliances, homes did not have as much need for the increased power and number of outlets required in most modern residences. Your existing electrical panel may not have enough capacity to meet your home’s demand. Suppose you have several locations in your home that rely on power strips or extension cords. That is a strong indication that you need an upgraded panel and additional outlets to handle your electrical needs safely.

Additionally, if your home’s outlets get hot, they are probably overworked or overloaded. If the outlet has any damaged or loose wiring, it may also feel hot. In either case, the heat is a safety hazard and can cause an electrical fire.

Flickering Lights or Buzzing Sounds

Pay attention to the signs your lights and appliances give when you turn them on. You might hear buzzing from an electrical appliance. Perhaps you see the lights flicker when you turn them on or turn on something else that draws electricity. These symptoms point to an electrical panel struggling to handle the electrical demands.

Other warning signs include a burning smell when you use electric devices or appliances and discolored switches or electrical outlets. If you experience these signs in your home, you should have your panel inspected and assessed. Upgrading ought to resolve these issues and provide a more stable electrical supply.

Safety Concerns of Outdated Panels

Depending on your electrical panel’s age, it might be outdated and non-compliant with current safety standards. Older panels may have worn-out components, fuses instead of circuit breakers, faulty or loose wiring, and other issues. These signs mean your electrical system has inadequate protection against problems such as arcing caused by a loose wire. These safety issues can also raise the risk of electrocution, electrical fires, and loss of power.

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By staying alert to these warnings, you can recognize whether your home has an outdated or overloaded electrical panel needing an upgrade or replacement. Having your panel inspected and upgraded ensures that your family and home stay safe and have reliable, stable electrical power. Don’t ignore the signs—consult with the professional electricians at Economy Lighting and Electrical to inspect your Camarillo, CA home’s electrical panel today!

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