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Creating a Bright and Clear Space

Performing simple tasks may seem like drudgery in the presence of the wrong light. With the right selection, your eyes become less susceptible to strain. Here, you will learn about various lights from Economy Lighting and Electric, a lighting company that serves in and around Camarillo, CA, so read on.

1. Based on Needs

With 272 sunny days per year, there is no scarcity of sunlight in Camarillo, CA. But if you want to brighten up an entire room at night, choose an ambient light, like an overhead fixture. The key to creating an ambient lighting scene is to make it a backdrop for the rest of the space but not as the main feature. A fluorescent strip lighting where the cover hides the light source and diffuses the light is another example of creating ambiance. A wall sconce washes the light up and down and gives the wall an overall glow. Task light, on the other hand, is purely functional. It is used to illuminate a specific part of a specific area in the room for performing tasks, such as reading, cooking, or office work.

2. Light Bulb Options

Different types of bulbs can offer different ways your room looks, feels, and functions. Understanding various options related to light bulbs will help you choose the right kind for your fixture. Bulbs are available in warm, soft, and cool tones, but selecting one that appears normal to the eye is a smart choice. Incandescent, halogens, fluorescent, and fiber optics are some of the choices in bulbs.

3. Room Evaluation

It is common for people to exchange a low-watt bulb for a high-watt version when the room isn’t bright enough. Wattage is how much electricity the bulb consumes. You should be looking for lumens that indicate whether or not the bulb is bright. The more lumens per watt, the more efficient the bulb will be. And the more candlepower, the brighter the light source is. Additionally, consider how big the room is when selecting the light. Determine how high the ceilings are before making the purchase. Since light bounces off the ceiling and walls when the ceiling is low, you may have to tone down the brightness of the light source. The number of windows in the room will also impact your decision.

4. Beyond Walls and Ceilings

Apart from the conventional places where lighting is needed, there are other areas in the house where task or decorative lightings are necessary. The areas above the kitchen countertops, range hoods, cabinets, islands, and booths are some of the places to install suitable lights.

The best way to learn about all the light options available to you is to contact us at Economy Lighting and Electric. We provide services to most parts of Southern California, including Oxnard, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, and Moorpark.

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