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Electrical Problems That Often Pop Up in Older Homes

As your Camarillo home begins to advance in age, different parts of it could gradually deteriorate. The electrical components in your house are no different, and that’s why many older homes have an abundance of electrical issues. Here are some of the most common electrical issues found in older homes. If your residence suffers from any of them, you need to contact an electrician soon.

Electrical Surges

If your home suffers from frequent electrical surges, this is a big sign that you need to have an electrician over. Electrical surges happen when there’s a large jump in power inside your residence. Such a surge can cause damage to your electronics and any appliances that are plugged in.

In a regular home, an electrical surge can be caused by a lightning strike or damaged power lines. However, in an older home that has electrical issues, electric surges could be caused by things like poor or faulty wiring inside the house. If you’re suffering from constant electrical surges in the Ventura County area, our team at Economy Lighting and Electric can provide surge protection services.

High Electric Bills

Another common electrical issue found in older homes is that damaged circuits and wiring can result in wasting energy. That will increase your electricity costs. If your utility bill keeps rising even though you aren’t using any extra energy, this can be a sign that there is a problem with your home’s electrical wiring, and you need to get your system inspected by an electrician.

Random Dips in Power

Seeing your electricity randomly dip in power is another common electrical problem with an older home. Faulty wiring or an outdated electrical panel could be the reason for this. These power dips can damage the electronics and appliances that are in use.

Electrical Shocks

An electrical shock can occur when your home has faulty wiring. Even though most electric shocks are relatively mild, they can be dangerous. These shocks often happen when you are turning on an appliance after plugging it into an outlet connected to faulty wires.

Dim or Flickering Lights

If you are having constant problems with your lights flickering, or if they randomly dim or brighten without your input, this could be an indication of a larger electrical issue. Another related problem involving lights is that your bulbs burn out quicker than usual, which could also be due to bad wiring within your home.

Electrical problems are dangerous and can lead to disastrous situations such as an electrical fire breaking out. That’s why it’s important that you contact professional electricians such as ours to help you correct these issues. Give us a call at Economy Lighting and Electric in Camarillo today.

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