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Top Indoor Lighting Trends in 2022

Lighting plays a major role in design. Many people in Camarillo are taking advantage of new innovations in the industry, and in addition, some classic features are making a comeback. Keep reading to learn more about the lighting trends that we’re seeing in 2022.

Smart Lighting

Technology has made its way into the field of lighting. With the right equipment, lights can be controlled with mobile devices. Some systems may even allow people to use voice commands to dim a light or turn one on or off. Further, lights can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times, for security reasons.

Linear Lights

There are many houses that showcase the idea that “less is more.” In our area of Southern California, we’re often reminded that simplicity can be beautiful. Going along with this theme, some designers are installing linear LED lights in dining rooms, entryways, and living rooms. These lights reflect the geometric nature of most of our homes, and they’re quite bright and elegant, while also being understated.

Natural Materials

Being so close to the ocean and nestled in the hills, it’s easy to see why people love to bring the outdoors in. One way to do so in your home is by incorporating natural elements and textures into lighting. This year, we’re seeing more pieces of lighting that highlight natural beauty. Wood lighting, in particular, has been popular. There are so many ways in which wood can be shaped and its pieces can be put together into organic shapes.

Statement Pieces

Chandeliers and more ornate lighting fixtures used to be most commonly seen in entryways and dining rooms. Now, there really aren’t any rules as to where these more elaborate pieces of lighting can be hung. Many people are dressing up their bedrooms with elegant overhead lighting or beautiful wall sconces as opposed to traditional lamps. Even people’s bathrooms are getting the royal treatment with more upscale lighting. If anyone wants to spruce up some of their rooms, why not?

Layering Effect

Gone are the days in which one overhead light is all that’s needed in a space. Of course, that’s perfectly fine and adequate, but you might prefer something that’s more interesting. Some of our customers at Economy have gone for the layered look. You can put multiple lights in a room to add to the ambience. Maybe consider recessed lighting plus accent pieces and soft lights emitted from lamps. For help with any lighting installation, turn to Economy.

Feel free to join in on some recent lighting trends. There aren’t any traditional rules you’ll need to follow, so you can create beautiful spaces that reflect your own ideas. Call Economy for assistance.

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