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It’s Easier Than Ever For Kids to Learn About the Wonders of Electricity

Children are intensely curious about the world around them. Kids in Camarillo, CA can learn about the wonders of nature like electricity from the professors at California State University, Channel Islands. If you’re a parent, you can also teach your own kids about this this vitally important subject at home right now.

How It Works

One of the most important things you’ll want to teach your kids is how electricity works. Kids should know how electricity is generated as well as how it is controlled when in use in any space. Teach them the history of the discovery of electricity. They can discover how our understanding of this tool has done so much to transform how we live, work, and do things each day.

Basic Safety

Electricity has many uses, but it is also very dangerous. That’s why kids should be taught how to stay safe when they are near any kind of electrical device. This includes common items in your home such as lighting. Lighting has many wires and other parts that have to be carefully installed in order to keep your home safe. Children should know signs that indicate something is wrong. This includes wires that are sticking out and light bulbs that have broken off inside the fixtures. Children who know how to spot electrical problems will stay safer.

Playing Outdoors

Kids like to play outdoors. The mild climate in Camarillo makes it easy to spend time outdoors all year long. All children should know how to play outdoors around electrical items. For example, if they are planning to climb trees, they should know to look out for any electrical power lines overhead. Kids should also know what to do in the event of a sudden storm. Remind children that rain and electricity are a very dangerous combination. This is why they should immediately get out of the trees and stay away from all water sources if there’s lightning in the area.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment can be seen everywhere kids go in this part of California. Electrical equipment poses a hazard if touched directly. Kids must be taught not to climb any transmission towers. The same is also true of utility poles. Children should also be taught to avoid going near wires that have fallen down. A live wire can hurt them badly. Children should be taught to seek out adults if they have questions about any kind of electrical surfaces. If they fly kites, make sure they know how to keep their kites away from any overhead wires.

Children should learn about electricity at an early age. Get in touch with our experts in child electrical safety at Economy Lighting and Electric Inc. today.

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