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How Does Electricity Make Its Way to Your Home?

When you’re at home, you can do many things, like watch TV, warm up food in the microwave, and run the washing machine. All of these tasks require electricity. You use it so much that you may take it for granted. Have you ever wondered how it gets to your home? The following overview may give you a better appreciation for this complex system that has become so convenient and such a part of our everyday lives.

Energy Generation

Power is generated at a power plant. That power plant could be a hydroelectric plant or one that runs on coal or natural gas. Here in Camarillo, power comes from a number of sources, such as the Springville Hydroelectric Power Plant. Some of you may be able to decide how much of your residential power comes from renewable energy.

Energy Delivery

After it’s created, power is sent to a transmission substation. Transformers convert the voltage so that it can travel more efficiently through the grid. This electricity has a voltage that’s incredibly high, but there’s nothing to worry about since the system was built with safety in mind. Power can travel for miles and miles at this voltage.

When it’s ready to come to residential properties around Camarillo, the power goes to a substation. The voltage is lowered so it safely travels through smaller power lines.

Another transformer is needed, and this is called a distribution transformer. Here, the electricity is further converted to a voltage that’s safe for your home.

A service wire connects your home to the distribution transformer. In recent years, there’s been a huge push to replace overhead power lines in our area with wiring that runs underground. Those of you with underground lines will have your service wires connecting to underground meter boxes. Those of you in neighborhoods that still have overhead lines, perhaps outside of town, will have your service wires connected to your weather heads. In either case, the meter box will measure the amount of energy that you use.

Inside Your Home

Another wire connects the meter box to the breaker box. Depending on how your system is set up, power is sent to different areas of your home. Energy can be sent to various plug outlets and light switches, and that can be controlled by switches in your breaker box. By turning on a light or flipping a button to the “on” position, you’re closing a circuit and allowing electricity to flow through the device.

We have a lot to be thankful for, including how electricity makes it considerably easier to accomplish so many tasks and keep ourselves comfortable, safe, and healthy. If you ever experience an issue with your electricity, please reach out to us at Economy for service.

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