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5 Tips to Prepare Your Electrical System for Power Outages

As power grids become more outdated, power outages are becoming more common in Camarillo, CA. If you’re not prepared, the outages can start to harm your electrical system. Here are five important tips to follow to prepare your electrical system for the next power outage.

1. Use Surge Protection

Surge protection is recommended by many electricians because it prevents damage to your electronics and expensive appliances that are present in the home. Surge protection is effective by diverting extra voltage to reduce resistance. It’ll even increase resistance if the voltage is lower than normal.

2. Install Smoke Detectors with Battery Backups

Although many carbon monoxide and smoke detectors rely on electricity to operate, it’s important to install devices that rely on batteries as a backup. These devices need to be present on each floor of your house and tested each month to ensure they continue to be reliable.

3. Use a Backup Generator

Hire a licensed electrician from a company like Economy in Camarillo, CA, serving Ventura County, to install a generator that you can use when the power is out. It should include an automatic breaker that doesn’t allow it to remain connected to the power supply when it’s in use. This prevents any of the energy from going back to the grid. A generator can be useful for cooking as well as staying cool or warm in different types of weather conditions. It’s also important to learn how to safely operate the generator to provide enough ventilation so that you don’t put your household at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Add Batteries to Your Security System

Install batteries in your security system to ensure it continues to operate in a power outage, which can allow you to secure your home and reduce the risk of a break-in when many homes are targeted. If your security system doesn’t have a battery backup option, look for a device that does, so it can continue to operate.

5. Perform an Inspection

Hire a professional electrician to inspect your electrical system before the next power outage to ensure the backup systems are ready. They’ll also tell you what type of equipment needs to be unplugged during a power outage to prevent damage from occurring, which will reduce the risk of a fire.

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