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Though Camarillo may not be subject to hurricanes, tornadoes, or frequent, violent thunderstorms that can knock out your power for a long time, it’s still a good idea to have a generator that can keep at least some appliances and electrical devices working. Camarillo can get a bit chilly in the winter, and no one should discount wildfires knocking out power. A generator is also important if there’s someone in the household who has a medical device dependent on electricity. This is why it’s important to make sure that the generator is always in good working order and to call in professionals such as those at Economy Lighting and Electric when it’s not.

Signs Your Generator Needs Repair

These are signs to look for that may let you know if your generator needs repair:

  • Trouble starting
  • Internal or external leak
  • Frayed wiring, worn control knobs
  • Low power
  • Low battery

Sometimes the reason for a generator having trouble starting up is that it’s simply low on fuel. The oil level in the crankcase might also be low and stop the generator from starting up right away. It might even fail to start just because the pavement it’s sitting on is uneven. Dirt can interfere with the operation of the carburetor, the spark plugs, and the fuel valve. The battery might be dead, or the generator’s oil filter might be clogged with dirt.

Generator leaks are easy to spot because they are dark, iridescent puddles near the machine. The generator may also have the smell of gasoline about it. If you see puddles or smell gas around the generator, you must not use it. Place it outside if it isn’t outside already or in a place with good ventilation. Then check the fuel lines to see whether or not they are broken or punctured. Wiring that’s frayed or even bare, loose connections, and deteriorated control knobs are also signs that the generator needs repair. Like leaks, damaged electrical components are signs that the generator should not be used unless it is repaired.

Low power may be a sign that there’s a problem with the control panel. If that’s the case, only a professional can repair your generator. If the generator hasn’t been used in a while, the power of its battery can fade. A battery that’s more than three years old may need to be replaced anyway.

Call Economy for Generator Repair

Named after the Camarillo brothers and the site of a famous Christmas parade, Camarillo, California is usually a carefree place to live and work. However, if your generator gives signs that it needs repair, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our electricians at Economy.

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