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4 Tips for Putting Up a Holiday Light Display at Your Business

With the season fact approaching, many business owners start to feel the holiday spirit. In order to spread some cheer, you may want to put up a holiday display for your company. The holiday display may include Santa or a nativity scene, but it will almost certainly include lights. Follow these tips for putting up a holiday light display at your business in Camarillo, CA.

1. Verify Power Capabilities

The outlets in your commercial building only support a certain amount of power. If they become overwhelmed, it can create a hazardous situation. Before you get started, learn the capabilities of your electrical system. For the best results, request an inspection by a professional electrician.

2. Use Surge Protectors

Even under ideal circumstances, surges can happen. When your electrical system experiences a surge, it can damage your electronics. Even worse, it can cause electrocution or fire. You can minimize the risk of a surge by using quality surge protectors. A surge protector redirects excess electricity away from your electronics. During a surge, the device shuts down, but you can restore the system by pressing the reset button. Surge protectors are available that only protect one outlet. Alternatively, you can buy a whole-home surge protector that defends your entire building.

3. Put Lights on a Timer

Holiday lights increase your electricity bill. The larger the display, the more expensive its costs will be every month. You can minimize your electric bill by putting your display on an automatic timer. Keep the display on from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. instead of leaving it on all night. You can leave the display on longer during certain days of the week or on special occasions.

4. Include Branding

Your holiday light display is a great opportunity for you to connect with the local community. However, you need to do something to ensure that the locals know who is responsible for the enjoyment. To put your signature on your design, consider including your logo or your brand colors in your display. Put any applicable products in the display as well. You can also invite customers and employees to see the display with a small holiday event.

A holiday display can bring joy to your store, and it can also help generate some additional brand awareness or promotional opportunities. You can decide how elaborate you want to go with your display, but whatever you do, stay safe and stay within budget. If you’re in Camarillo, CA and need help with any electrical aspect of your project, Economy Lighting and Electric can help you accomplish your goals, so call us today for more information!

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